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run rabb run rabb

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I give you half a star for succeeding on making a game that was made to make you think of the bitter truth. Sadly, from what i see, it seems your message is "no one wins. everyone is a loser and so are you. so you might as well just get murdered by foxes".
I was able to "win" by getting to that chequered spot there and getting the second medal. Which would be impossible to get unless you use the cheat that gets you the first medal. Still, just because you wanted to make a game where the message is the same as putting in a level where the creator laughs at you for even touching the game, making sure you die all the time with no exit anywhere as an "instant game over" room, that doesn't mean the controls need to be worse than playing old school DOS racing games, where the turning is loose as hell when your moving but when you slow down, your turning gets so tight that when you stop moving, you cannot turn, the foxes can go anywhere at almost the same speed as you (again, without the cheat) and if you touch any of the blocks sticking out, you are going to be stuck in them with little to no luck of getting out as the foxes come jumping at you with no mercy, as your rabbit with red eyes spins around, bleeding everywhere, having one fox stay as the other one runs over your corpse like they think they're faster than you.
To be honest... the game is poor in basically everything aside from frustrating to the average gamer. I have played far harder games than this, though, so it phases me. However, what i don't get is why you would create a game, one with the message you had in mind, that is more like an anti-game than anything. Punishing the player for enjoying and trying to win a short, simple game. Giving nothing to them but just slapped on pixels, 2 character sprites and 3 levels which are basically the same, with said message. No music, no sound effects, nothing visually or physically appealing.
I guess this is what you wanted to make, a game that no one can like. Because so far, that is working. Many people in the comments hate your game to the core and the few that "like" the game are basically the ones who lie and try to make you feel good or are those typical NGers that will 5 star any game, no matter how shit it is.
So yea, again, you get HALF a star for making a successful game where you piss off the players and give them no happiness or hope in return, but that's about it. Just because you wanted to make a game to make people angry, doesn't mean you have to half ass it.

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kekcsi responds:

You understand the basics of this non-game. Understanding me makes me happy. Since this is uploaded to a game portal, not being a game in any common sense, I deserve nothing but low ratings. I should have uploaded it to an "interactivity-illustrated simple message" portal, which I could not find.

Perspective Perspective

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This has a good plot, good controls, good music and very interesting concept with the whole perspective thing. But there is a reason why i gave it 3/5 stars. The game is sadly a bit too short. If you put more levels in, im sure there would be more you can add to the concept in this game. Also the game seemed to be a little too easy when you figure out what to do. A bit more challenge would have been great.

But this is a good game so that's why i gave it 3 stars.

Man Who Sold The World Man Who Sold The World

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I agree with Laurapalooza, this game was mediocre. It was boring, was like lots of other arty games and felt like it was made by a beginner. But unlike him/her, i beat the game with all orbs and with all 4 endings, so i have the fair right to vote... and i gave it a 1.5/5. For good reasons too.

First, the music was nice. I will admit. The person who made the music did an good job at it and it did fit with the levels. The graphics, while i also agree that the background should have been pixellated like the characters, it was ok. I also know you weren't making it amazing, so that's ok. The gameplay was mediocre. It's not terrible controls, but it's not anything new. The idea was good, having to meet this person called the Arcology who is an immortal god, who tells you that you're planet, Earth, is dead and brings you to 3 different people in different time periods who have Love, Spirit and Daring, so they can see if humanity is worthy. After going through them, they let you know that you're the final one called Wisdom and that now you are also an immortal god but have to choose between Love, Spirit, Daring or Wisdom. And it's all fine and good... but it's executed poorly.

First is Love. At the start, the dialogue makes sense and does show some kind of love because he wants to meet her and, i guess, care for her. But then he get's to her... and my god it's heartless. It's just "You made it! Im glad" "So am i" END CONVERSATION. There was really nothing there in that conversation that had any "Love" in it. So you failed at that.

Next, Spirit. This... actually kinda worked. You had the spirit to continue forward and get what you were looking for, a flower, which you did in the end. So you executed that ok.

However, it than came to Daring, which... didn't make any damn sense. Yes, you're a daredevil who wants to explore this cave and you'll do anything to see whats there. But the ending makes no sense. You just fall into space and eternity. Where's the "Daring" at? What, that you were "Daring" enough to jump off and fall into nothingness? That's not "Daring", that's "Stupid". Sure, some of the things you did were daring, but you didn't execute this well in the end. Instead, it made no sense in the end and thus made the whole "Daring" thing fall apart in confusion.

The ending... well, how should i put this, you find out you're Wisdom because you know of all 3 of the others and were made immortal and a god. You than had to choose, be Daring, be Loving, be Spirited or be what you really are, Wisdom. But no matter what you choose, it's ALWAYS the same ending. You do a few jumps, go forward up... and then the platform just stops, yet you continue running on nothing. And it ends with you running into infinity and then takes you back to the main menu with a flash. This... this was a bad ending. Im sorry, but it really made no sense. Also, it felt like you left us at a cliffhanger, because it looked and seemed like it didn't just end there, like theres more. But it also seems like your not making a sequel, so this cliffhanger-ish ending doesn't seem to have any kind of end.

The worse part and the part i hated the most was the orbs. Now don't get me wrong, some of the orbs you put in good and somewhat challenging places. But about half of them are a bit annoying to get or know of and all of them are busy work. And what do you get after all that effort? Nothing. No different ending. No different dialogue. No bonus. Nothing. You instead wasted you're time to get orbs that just flash and disappear forever. I felt scammed and pissed when i did all that for nothing. And that's pretty much it.

You got 1.5 stars because of good music, good idea, ok controls and ok graphics. But everything else was either executed poorly or was just there to either be a waste of time, to piss me off or to be confusing. Alot of work is needed of this game and i hope things get improved.


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Ican'tAffordAwheelchair Ican'tAffordAwheelchair

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I just played your game and thought it was "lame".

Please respond to me because im an "asshole" who "hates" your "stupid" game.

Emrox responds:

Sure thing, "lunatic."

Q - compressing the heart Q - compressing the heart

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very good game, ignore pierrecurie

To all people confused about the boat killing scene: Don't you remember the part at the beginning where he's heart is ripped off? HE IS HEARTLESS! GET IT NOW?!? Because he doesn't have a heart, he doesn't have a care in the world and just decides that he wants the boat guys eye and kills him for it (plus steal his boat to continue his adventure to find the guy who stole his heart).

I was also able to get the ending, because from what i see, it's a cliffhanger. he might be making a sequel. Think about it people.

Anyway, the gameplay is very well done. Alot of people keep saying the whole game is just clicking like crazy and crap, but really your suppose to THINK of what to do next. Think outside the box. And thats what this game did. It was indeed challenging, but it was unique aswell.

The music and art was beautiful, like alot of people have said. It really fits the mood of this game.

The soul mode platforming had a purpose on why, after touching the 3rd monster, you have this flat, empty land with nothing there for several seconds, because you're soul doesn't just get back to you just like that, it takes time before your soul makes it back to, what seems to be at the end of the platforming, the body, so that you have a soul again.

The plot of this was simple, but brilliant, and the puzzles were well made too, aswell as challenging.

People like pierrecurie are just too stupid to get this game. It's unique, challenging and, above all, a great game.

10/10 5/5

I hope that there is a sequel so that we can see what happens next after he kills the man who stole his heart and get his heart back.

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Outpost:Haven Outpost:Haven

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very well done... but very unoriginal

This was pretty good. I liked the physics in this, there wern't many bugs in it like alot of people have been saying that make you quit and do the whole chapter all over again, i like how you move slow, just gives you the chance to know when an enemy is coming and gives it a nice feeling of fear, like the character you play as is too paralysed to run, but can slowly walk. I also find the fact of putting that Plan 9 From Outer Space movie pretty interesting. A free game AND a free movie, a good win. The only complaint is this... well, this is like many other top down shooters. If you added something special to this that not many other top down shooters have, it would have gotten a 10/10 because it had something original and special in the game. But sadly, it's 9/10 because it's just a regular top down shooter. A tiny problem is that i can see the Sci-fi and Shooter in this, but i just don't see the Horror part happening. There was really nothing scary about this, so it was disappointing.

But yea, 9/10 5/5 i hope the game gets improved or has a sequel on the way that is more improved then this because, even though Flash is hard to do, i can see alot more potential that could be put in this game.

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Lab of the Dead Lab of the Dead

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Killing zombies in the name of science

I can tell you put in alot of effort in this game. It's very well made, has a nice story for the scientist and the everything you do to gain research points and get new items and stuff is interesting. Plus it's fun to decapitate or shoot the zombie in the brains. Thats always fun. Hope to see more greatness from all of this. 10/10 5/5

Reimagine :The Game: Reimagine :The Game:

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Ok till i got to The Boss

Everything was pretty good (controls were frustrating to use though) but when i got to the boss and got to the part where you have to get 4 girls to push the button at the same time, i gave up, because thats impossible. I see others have also gotten this far and gave up for the same reason.

Make The Boss a little easier at that part. The Game is losing to itself because of this, not me. 3/10 2/5

Fern - Eirian no Kógeki Fern - Eirian no Kógeki

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It was pretty good...

Until i got to the finally boss battle, which as we all know, the last boss battle is ALWAYS the hardest... well, you only get about just a very small amount of frames and you die in 2 hits... THIS is where i had to make the game slow down extremely, because it's that much of a bitch.
But still, good game. 9/10 5/5 ...and yea, the reason you didnt get 10 is because of the final boss... but still, you got a nice score, so don't get angry at me.

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Mia responds:

The rnal boss is piss ez


Rated 1 / 5 stars

The game was very good for a parody of Action 52..

...but i can still feel the shittiness of the game here. The difficulty, the glitches, the idea... only thing missing is the unfinished ending and the game crashing right before you get to the end... or maybe it is there because i've never beaten and never will due to all the flashing lights and shit.
So yea, the fact the game is giving me a seizure and the fact this game is almost like the Action 52 Streemerz, well... sorry dude, 2/10 1/5.