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2013-04-01 14:51:08 by New999

DO YOU LIKE MINECRAFT? I BET YOU DO (youfuckingfaggot)


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I made an audio and an art.

2012-04-28 14:27:53 by New999

So yea. Check em out. They are totally not fucking retarded or anything.

To give you the truth, except for the design of the site being different and the backgrounds being kinda nice... there's really nothing different with NewGrounds.

It's still got ALOT of shitty movies, art, music and games that have SOMEHOW passed, the review and voting system still seems like a fail and there still isn't any pictures of naked tom.

This has been a very pointless and disappointing redesign. I put my hand on my face in shame.

I mean, i don't MIND the redesign, it looks pretty nice... but i REALLY can't enjoy it if 90% of the times im gonna get the error screen for 2 minutes! Seriously, i know this is some new hot shit and stuff but fuck, you guys might just make the server explode and then NewGrounds will be fucked!

Just calm your dicks people. It's just a redesign. It's not like they are changing the name from NewGrounds to NewPenis.

Recommended Games

2010-08-01 11:41:18 by New999

You might not like the games im about to put in, but really, these games are quite good, and should be played whenever you feel like it.

1. Super Switcher
2. Super Mario Crossover
3. Punk-O-Matic 2
4. i wanna be the flash game (its frustrating but hey, it will at least help you out a bit if you were playing a Ninja Gaiden game... hey wait, when you play this game, think of Ninja Gaiden!)
5. Sonny 2

These are the games i recommend you playing. They are good, challenging and fun to play.

Creds to the people who made them! :D

A forum thats simple but ok.

2010-07-18 12:16:36 by New999

Why yes, there is ALREADY a forum here, and there are a SHITLOAD of others all spammed and crammed up the internets arse, but go here anyway and register, just for shits. You can spam and do all that bullshit all you like there, for theres hardly anybody on, making it a very easy place for a spam attack:
php?sid=2032be01a411fff09c3255bbaf35ca 12

But just WHAT did i think of this forum? Well maybe this video will explain it all:

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Well, thanx for looking at this seemingly pointless news post. New999 out.

Edit: ok so you want something epic... well:

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That epic enough for ya?

looks like flash just wasnt enough for NG

2009-08-07 14:30:45 by New999

pretty much when i came back from sometime i found out something new that made me say what the title says "Looks like flash just wasnt enough": The Art Section

now this was pretty good. infact it was a very good idea. even though the animations here are still coming, its coming a little slow due to the Art Section for im seeing more art and less animations/games. but thats ok cause the art is just good from where im looking at.

the art i saw was very good and this was a good idea for NG. infact it pretty much increases in popularity and kicks almost every website that hosts flash animations and games ass! why almost? cause theres still some that are doing good as well.

and the vote type is now Nene's face! First Pico, then Daniall now Nene. this is getting pretty good from the way this is going.

just one question: what is NG gonna do next? i mean its popualarity is pretty big but what else could happen? we got flash, then music now art but what's next on the list?


2009-05-03 10:11:41 by New999

Its a good idea for medals to be here but i still got a question:
What's so useful about them?
im trying to figure out what they do once you get them. in Kong the Medals are called "Badges" and they give me exp in my account to go to a new level. but these medals in NG... i have no idea.
if anyone knows what they do please tell me and ill gratly thank you.
P.S. the noobish comments and stuff i gave to games and movies a long time ago... it was because i was frustrated and pissed off. im not gonna do it again now though. ill just give positive comments. no fights or anything. so if your one of the people i gave a 0/5 0/10 to one of your movies or games and was being noobish im very sorry.